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Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm a dork from New York. I'm a college student. I love beaches, Disney, smoothies and you. I would love to be a gamer girl, but I'm not that good at video games. I get along best with nerds, gamers and theater kids but if you're not one of those, we can still be friends.
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Down in the District

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sorry my posts have been so erratic. But thank you so much for sticking by my side, all 20 something of you :).

On this day, I was officially back in D.C for one whole week. A good friend of mine invited me to her church and we had the best time. The church service turned out to be kid's day! And we had a blast praising our God and relearning stories that are simple but so important. After the service there was a cookout and they had BBQ, funnel cakes, roller skates for the kids, music and guess what? Rita's! I know! I'm a sucker for both the mango and pear flavors! Yum!

After the celebrating we took some awesome photos in this little neighborhood by my school! What a great day!

Lace Dress: Kohl's
Navy blue oxfords: Modcloth
I really think this outfit would have been complete with a cute denim jacket (was way too hot) and the perfect sunhat (still looking) 

Thanks for reading :)

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