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Hi! My name is Jordan. I'm a dork from New York. I'm a college student. I love beaches, Disney, smoothies and you. I would love to be a gamer girl, but I'm not that good at video games. I get along best with nerds, gamers and theater kids but if you're not one of those, we can still be friends.
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Long Island Baby

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in long time, but today I went to the beach and my family, brother's gf (or something like that) and one of my bestest friend's Matt. Matt took such wonderful pictures, I just had to post them! 
It was a rainy, awkward day to have a beach day, but it turned out to be the perfect day. 

All photos are credited to Matthew B.

Matty Matt <3

Bikini: Forever 21 
Sweater: Kohl's (clearanced) similiar and dirt cheap here
Shorts: H&M

fun in the sun

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Everything is vintage.

And we will love you, always.

Something terrible has happened to my family recently. The crown jewel of my family has passed away. He was my uncle, but he was also a great friend, a loving father, a you-can-count-on-me type of cousin, and a big as well as a little brother, not to forget an ex-husband (a good one though). He was one the most amazing things that happened to the 11 siblings born from Ken and Edith Sells. He was so rambunctious and rebellious, but so loving and kind at the same time. He despised nasty/rude people and wouldn't think twice to k.o them out and so he had. You did not "DFWD" (Don't-Fuck-With-Donald). Although he was tough, he was so sweet and kind and loving and caring to people who were sweet, and kind, and loving. He'd give the shirt off his back to you. 

It's been such a travesty to lose him so suddenly. I don't know what to think. It's like a nightmare that you can't wake up from. It's something that doesn't feel real. Although his wake is tomorrow, I feel like I'm going to see him walk in, like if we were to walk into a wake of some distant deceased cousin. But it's his wake tomorrow, and his funeral the next day. It hurts so bad, and I just can't fathom how his children are feeling right now. It pains me so much.

I wish I could have another day to hear his crazy stories as a NYC bus driver and just his crazy life experiences being Donald. 

I've been in such a daze. I distract myself with work, and graduations parties, and bike rides. I don't want this to be real.

But it is.

 "How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside to survive? Who do you have to become?" - Spencer from PLL.

On a more positive note, 
I know he would have wanted us to be happy for him. I can see him with my grandparents drinking a beer (or  even maybe a scotch on the rocks) and smoking a cigar. Even though we are so far apart right now, he will always be with us. Everywhere we are we will take him with us. We feel him all around us because he will be that spectacular warmth that we feel on a sunny day, and that beautiful diamond sparkle in the snow, and the peaceful sound of rain, and the gentle embrace of wind. 
We will miss you, Uncle Donald.
And we will love you, always. 


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